How It Works

Choose a meal plan and pick from various cuisine styles.

We get it. You like what you like. Dieting shouldn’t restrict you from eating food you love. Choose from our Balanced, Vegetarian, or Reduced Carb meal plans and then select from a variety of cuisine styles like Taste of Mexico, Asian Fusion and more.

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how it works select and customize meal plan

Select and customize
your plan.

Pick and choose based on your taste, and better yet, what you may or may not need. Select from different nutrient-rich recipes and populate your grocery list. Already have it in your fridge? Remove it from your list for easier meal prep and planning.

Send items for delivery

Get your groceries delivered straight to your door or take your grocery list and go shopping yourself. Either way, grocery shopping’s never been so easy.

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how it works cook dietitian-created recipes

Cook culinary expert and dietitian-created recipes that are truly nourishing.

Get in the kitchen and start cooking! Follow the recipe’s quick and easy instructions to have a delicious, healthy meal just for you. No need to log your food or count your calories. It’s time for you to sit down to a full plate of goodness.

Customized to your taste.

DailyNourish guides a daily practice of regaining the joy of eating often stolen by diets. Every dietitian-created recipe is designed not just to fill the belly, but to fulfill your whole mind, body, and superhero soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DailyNourish cost?

DailyNourish has a free offering along with upgraded paid premium features. Subscription option coming soon. Full pricing details can be found on our website or within the app itself.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

No. DailyNourish offers a subscription option, but users can use the free meal plans that are included at no cost to them or pay for one of the premium meal plan options.

Can I skip meals?

Yes! However, we encourage users, especially in the first 30 days, to stick to eating mostly DailyNourish recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you’ll get the best results possible. And better yet, feel good!

Where do the recipes and meal plans come from?

DailyNourish’s recipes and meal plans were formulated and crafted by a team of registered dietitians to be rich in nutrients, nourish your body, and leave you full and satisfied.

How do I log my calories?

You don’t! With DailyNourish, you don't need to log your calories. Our app takes a holistic approach to healthy meal planning, focusing on balanced nutrition and portion control rather than strict calorie counting.